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How the Square of 9 Works in Trading

Most traders analyze price... but ignore the role of time.

In this unique eBook based on W.D. Gann's Square of 9 Wheel, Jeff Cooper shows you how he analyze cycles of price and time together to make effective projections of where price can go.

This unique combination of price and time is one of Jeff's most powerful trading tools, and you can learn all about it here:

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Jeff Cooper Trading Lessons

The Jeff Cooper Interview

Get to know this legendary trader in a wide-ranging interview.

Learn where Jeff got his start in trading, how Buy and Hold investing failed his family, and how he came to master the unique art of Gann Analysis.

My 10 Commandments of Trading 

Nothing can make you a better trader than gaining experience in the markets. Throughout his career, Jeff has learned 10 things that will help any trader improve.

How the Square of 9 Works in Trading

The Square of 9 wheel is one of the most popular and mysterious market tools of legendary trader W.D. Gann. 

Using the wheel, traders can find the intersections of time and price to predict major market moves. In this article, Jeff Cooper shows you how he uses the square of 9 in his trading. 

Generation Gold: Why It May Be a Whole New Era

In December 2018, Jeff said gold was undergoing “a conspicuous change in complexion,” which is why he was massively long the shiny stuff.

Now we're looking at gold up 19% this year in a take-no-prisoners power move.

See how he broke the charts down for this incredible call.

Markets in Turmoil = $30k+ Payday in AAPL

If you only play the long side, you're not making the most of the opportunities in front of you — by definition.

See how Jeff's Hit and Run method helped him nail a 328% gain in Apple in just 3 days.

Yes, 328%. That wasn't a typo.

Understanding the Secret of the 3 Week Chart

Want to know if the bulls or bears are in charge?

Then learn to read the 3 Week Chart, which is one of Jeff's top trend analysis tools.

You won't find it in your trading textbooks — so learn about it here.

How Jeff Cooper Sniffs Out Shady Activity

Large mutual funds like to work the system with quarter-end window dressing. See how Jeff spots this unfair activity… and turns it to his advantage.

Are the Bulls Running Into a Red October?

In September 2018, most traders were gunning for a huge rally into year-end.

But Jeff Cooper predicted a Red October… and he nailed it. Get all the details in this trading classic.

How Jeff Cooper Made a Killing Trading Options at the Turn

Some of the best money can be made at a market turn. Options are cheapest and you have maximum upside potential. 

But if you’re wrong, the trend will turn against you. 

Here’s how to avoid being wrong.

Blast from the Past: Interview with Master Trader Jeff Cooper

In this exclusive interview, Jeff Cooper discusses his top trading techniques and how he uniquely uses Gann Theory. 

Find out how Jeff started his trading career, how he climbed the ladder of success and what he recommends traders do to achieve long-term prosperity.

Jeff Cooper’s Anatomy Class: How to Capture Explosive Short-term Moves

You don’t need complicated indicators or oscillators to catch major market moves.

Jeff shows you how Hit and Run subscribers caught a rocket move in NTNX using a cascade setup.

A Secret That Tells You When the Trend is Changing

There are two key things that will alert you to a change in trend: the 3 day chart and the action of the leaders, the speculative growth glamours.

This video will take a deeper look at the action in several growth glamour stocks and how to anticipate a turn down in the 3 day chart.  

Is the Trend Really Your Friend?

The trend doesn’t bend all at once, it takes time as it backs and fills. 

The institutions that own millions of shares sell and back off when they want to take profits. Jeff explains what happens to the stock when this occurs. 

How to Navigate a Tumultuous Tape

Many traders blame a tumultuous market on headlines and news. 

Jeff Cooper has discovered that the news breaks with the cycles, not the other way around. 

In this video, he shows how time tells trend, and exactly what to look for to pinpoint turns in a tumultuous tape.

When to Pull the Plug on a Momo Stock

Not knowing when to pull the plug on a stock that’s ripping higher can cost you a ton of money. 

Jeff takes a look at BYND just after it went public to show you when you should get out of a stock and he reveals the tool he uses to catch the right moment to sell. 

Why You Should Become a Hit and Run Subscriber

No matter what you believe about the market, the best strategy is to believe the pattern you see until proven otherwise. 

Jeff takes you through a few of the setups that Hit and Run subscribers used for explosive short term gains. 

If You Want to Know Where Your Stocks are Going…

To know where stocks are going, you need to know where QQQ is heading. 

In this video, Jeff shows you how to find the movement of QQQ using the Line of Most Resistance. 

The #1 Trading Lesson Jeff Learned in His 35 Year Career

Over his 35+ year trading career, Jeff Cooper has found one simple statement to be the most valuable concept in his success: markets seek equilibrium. 

This will keep you on the right side of the line of least resistance, allowing you to buy or sell against it, which is the key to taking major trades.

Take a look at how you can apply this to your everyday trading. 

How to Cash In on a Runaway Move

A runaway move can mean big earnings for a trader, as long as they know when they should sell. 

Jeff Cooper explains how traders can find a runaway move and profit.

How to Pinpoint Explosive Short-term Moves

In this video, Jeff takes a closer look at two stocks with huge short-term jumps that Hit and Run subscribers found ahead of time. 

Learn more about the signals that both names gave off and how you can identify patterns with moving averages. 

What You Need to be a Trader That Gets “The Cheese”

Often, when you think you’ve missed a move, you haven’t – the really big move has yet to come. 

Knowing what to look for in this case can help you to make big profits on major price explosions.

Break the Rules with the Holy Grail

Traders love to rely on their own guidelines, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken. 

Find out how to recognize a holy grail setup and how it asks traders to break the rules.

One of My Favorite Reversal Strategies

One of Jeff Cooper’s favorite reversal strategies is the Gilligan Buy Signal, which is a tool for buying deep pullbacks. 

In this video he walks you through the setup and what factors go into a winning trade. 

How to Use the Money Multiplier to Net Big Training Gains

Jeff’s Money Multiplier strategy netted a $12 gain in one day for a Hit and Run subscriber. 

Find out how you can add it to your arsenal.

About Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper began his trading career at Drexel Burnham in 1981. In 1986, Cooper went out on his own, choosing to trade exclusively for himself.

After establishing a successful career as a private trader, he went on to write two best-selling books: Hit and Run Trading: The Short-Term Traders’ Bible and Hit and Run Trading 2: Capturing Explosive Short-Term Moves in Stocks.

Today, Jeff trades from his home in Malibu, California, and authors Hit and Run Trading for hundreds of professional traders, portfolio managers, and individual investors across the globe.

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