How Jeff Cooper Sniffs Out Shady Activity

Today, Jeff Cooper takes you through his market analysis with a check in on a few of the usual suspects, including SHOP, TWLO, MDB, and VEEV.

Jeff explains how certain large mutual funds unfairly work the system by window dressing, and how this plays out in the market to their advantage. As we approach quarter's end, he’s sniffing the air for shady activity. Are his usual suspects prime candidates to be pawns? Jeff reveals what he thinks will go down.

Last week, Jeff’s deep dive on the poster child of the bulls, SHOP, held an unpopular opinion on whether you should Shop Til You Drop. Today, he revisits that topic – and lets you in on how he knew what was coming.

Plus, Jeff takes a look at the top names driving speculative sentiment to help you make informed trades going to into a stormy summer.