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Why You Should Become A Hit & Run Subscriber

Jeff Cooper takes you through trades subscribers took for explosive short term gains, showing you what the setups were.

The last 18 months have been an ideal environment for short term trading, with V reversals off bottoms and tops. The key has been, no matter what you believe intellectually about the market, taking setups and leaving your opinions at home.

In other words: believe the pattern you see until proven otherwise.

Jeff had an edge starting out trading in the early 1980s. His dad was his coach. He knew nothing about technical analysis and couldn’t even read a chart. But, he was a great tape reader and had great intuition. Jeff learned trading psychology from him.

One lesson Jeff's dad drilled into him: stocks don’t move, they are moved.

Looking at patterns of accumulation and distribution from that perspective gave Jeff the edge he still has today.

He learned to look for supply and demand as etched out on the tape… not in news or reasons.

As Jesse Livermore said, “The reason for what a certain stock does today may not be known for 2 or 3 days or weeks or months, but what the dickens does that matter. Your business with the tape is now… not tomorrow…

The reason can wait.”

We all like reasons. They alleviate uncertainty. But, on Wall Street, reasons can kill. Price is the final arbiter.