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Scott Redler’s Greatest Hits Volume 1: Moving Averages, Gold, and More!


Want to get to know T3 Live Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler?

Then dive into 5 of his most popular trading tutorials and tip collections right now.

You'll gain an understanding of how he approaches the market, how he manages positions, and most importantly, his trading philosophy — which pledges patience, planning, and perseverance.

1) The Ultimate Guide to Moving Averages: Trend Analysis the Pro’s Way

Moving averages are some of Scott's most important trading tools.

They help Scott understand the trend, and attack the market with the right mix of long and shorts.

See which moving averages Scott uses, and why each of them matters.

2) Beyond Meat Delivers

While Scott tends to avoid high-risk trades, they can make sense if the potential reward is there.

See the technical signals that had Scott taking BYND call options into earnings in June, and get a quick lesson in judging earnings reactions.

Remember, the market reaction is far more important than the numbers themselves.

3) 10 Trading Rules I’ll Teach My Son

This is the unsexy, harsh truth about trading you never hear about on TV.

This is what every beginner needs to know before they even open an account.

Trading is a hard business, so you need to hear these rules so you can set the right expectations for yourself.

4) How to Take Control of Your Trading, and Finally Turn Things Around

Every day is a new day. And that's the beauty of trading.

You can always start over and build back up again.

But if you want to make a fresh start, you need a reality check. Bookmark this article and read it once a quarter to help you stay on track.

5) Yes, I Trade Gold

Scott's best known for trading large cap tech stocks and fast-moving IPO's.

But he's not afraid to look for opportunities elsewhere.

See what got him into gold earlier in the summer before a huge move higher.

Stay tuned for Volume 2…

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