Sami’s Swing Trading Blueprint: April 29, 2018

Join Sami as he prepares a list of stocks to trade next week. In this 23 minute game plan session he reviews earnings from last week and how to trade those stocks that reported good numbers but got hit with selling after the announcement.

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Pablo says April 29, 2018

Hi Sami,

Thank you for sharing the video. One quick question: do you use a filter for volume or avg. volume? I’ve noticed that you traded AXE which is a low volume stock.

Thanks for your help,


    Amber Capra says May 3, 2018

    Hi Pablo,

    Great question! For his swing trading gap strategy, he doesn’t filter volume. When a stock is falling apart like AXE was, the volume is usually great! Otherwise, you’re right… AXE is normally not playable.

    That’s the beauty of focusing on gaps… even the illiquid ones become ok to trade!

Louise Amrhein says April 29, 2018

Is this options trading? Is it basic puts or basic calls? Credit spreads, or other strategies…

    Amber Capra says May 3, 2018

    Hi Louise,

    Sami personally trades equities but you could still use his stock analysis and simply trade the Options.

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