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Jeff Cooper’s Solid Gold Greatest Hits: Volume 1

Top trader Jeff Cooper does not believe in “buy and hold.”

He prefers to Hit and Run, which means:

  • Buying when it makes sense
  • Holding when it makes sense
  • Shorting/selling when it makes sense

Jeff  doesn't wait for the market to hand him trades.

He hunts them down, whether it's getting long Gold or shorting NVDA.

And in these 5 classic articles and videos, learn exactly how he does it:

1) Generation Gold: Why It May Be a Whole New Era 

In December 2018, Jeff said gold was undergoing “a conspicuous change in complexion,” which is why he was massively long the shiny stuff.

Now we're looking at gold up 19% this year in a take-no-prisoners power move.

See how he broke the charts down for this incredible call.

2) Markets in Turmoil = $30K+ Payday in AAPL

If you only play the long side, you're not making the most of the opportunities in front of you — by definition.

See how Jeff's Hit and Run method helped him nail a 328% gain in Apple in just 3 days.

Yes, 328%. That wasn't a typo.

3) Understanding The Secret of the 3 Week Chart

Want to know if the bulls or bears are in charge?

Then learn to read the 3 Week Chart, which is one of Jeff's top trend analysis tools.

You won't find it in your trading textbooks — so learn about it here.

4) How Jeff Cooper Sniffs Out Shady Activity

Large mutual funds like to work the system with quarter-end window dressing.

See how Jeff spots this unfair activity… and turns it to his advantage.

5) Are the Bulls Running Into a Red October?

In September 2018, most traders were gunning for a huge rally into year-end.

But Jeff Cooper predicted a Red October… and he nailed it. Get all the details in this trading classic.