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Moving Averages for Stocks Explained: The Ultimate Guide to Trend Analysis for 2023

Moving averages are one of the most important tools in Scott Redler's trading toolkit. They help him figure out how aggressive he wants to be, his mix of day and swing trades, and which stocks he wants to be long or short.
How to Use the 20 and 200 Day Moving Averages

Do you hate moving averages? If so, it may be because you don't truly understand them. In this in-depth tutorial, learn exactly how Sami Abusaad uses the 20 and 200 day moving averages to find high-probability ideas.

How to Scan 1,600 Charts in 10 Minutes

Sami might be the most productive man in the industry. But he can teach you his secrets. See how a pro trader scan for trades- at warp speed.

The Power of Monthly Charts in Technical Analysis

Sometimes it pays to pull back and look at longer time frames, like the monthly. This is especially true in a bear market, when daily charts can be full of noise without a clear trend. Learn how to do it right.

How to Maximize Reward on Your Trades

Learn to maximize rewards and manage risk on your trades in this trading webinar. Learn how and why I book profits on different types of trades, and see why risk management is key to your success.

When to Exit a Winner

When your trade is going well, when do you get out? How do you know it’s time to book that profit?The answer depends upon the type of trade that you’re involved in.

Why Stocks Move the Way They Do

While predicting stock prices is not always possible, those of us who trade for a living know when prices are random and when they’re highly predictable. Learn how Sami predicts future prices, what patterns to look for, and the trends to follow.

How Derrick Oldensmith Uses Moving Averages

One of the most common mistakes I see from people who are getting involved in trading is they think moving averages are support or resistance. This is not true. Learn how moving averages really work.

How to Use Gaps in Swing Trading

Learn one of Sami's favorite swing trading patterns of all time! In this video, learn specific chart examples so you can understand them, what to watch for on big gaps down, and more.

What Is a Special Stock?

If you follow Scott Redler, then you probably know he has his own trading language. It's easy to understand once you get the hang of it. So let's focus on one term: 'special'

Case Study: Amazon (AMZN) on the A-Squad

Every morning, Scott Redler breaks down dozens of his stocks in the Redler Report morning newsletter. See how Amazon went from the Go To List to a beautiful entry.

How the Professional Catches a Falling Knife | Reversal Plays!

Sometimes, if a stock has a big rise or fall, the reaction of the buyers and sellers can cause the stock to have a major move in the other direction. This can be a huge advantage to traders as long as they know when to get in and how to manage the trade. Learn which formations a climactic move can take, how volume can signify a climactic move, and more.

The Bleed and the Money Bar

The Money Bar is the ultimate failure pattern. It signals that traders weren't quick enough and got caught. This creates a huge opportunity for traders like Sami, who explains how you can attack this kind of opportunity.

How to Play a Breakout Like a Fiddle

Breakouts can be confusing; there are two kinds of breakouts, and no two breakouts are created equal. In this article, Sami takes you through the two kinds of breakouts, which apply to stocks, ETFs, forex, futures, cryptos, and more.

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