How to Play a Breakout Like a Fiddle

Last week, we talked about playing pullbacks.

Now you're going to learn to play a breakout like a fiddle.

Breakouts can be confusing.


Because there are two kinds of breakouts, and no two breakouts are created equal.

Sami is going to take you through the two kinds of breakouts, which apply to stocks, ETFs, forex, futures, cryptos, and more.

If it has a price and a chart, you can use this prices.

See the basic 4-stage cycle through which price moves.

If you understand this cycle, you'll see which breakout works in which stage.

Best of all, you don't need to be a cowboy trying to catch every top and bottom.

Also, see how concepts like ‘The Pause Play' and ‘Pause That Refreshes' play out.

This lesson is just one of the building blocks of Sami's incredible trading career, so pick it up.

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