Trading Lessons By Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer of T3 Live

Scott Redler Trading eBooks

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Averages

Moving averages are one of Scott's most important trend analysis tools. And in this free eBook, Scott will teach you exactly how he uses moving averages to judge the SPX/SPY, individual stocks, and when to steer clear of particular names.

20 Keys to Trading Success

There is more to making money than charts and indicators. If you don't have the right attitude, mentality, and work ethic, you will fail.

So download this 100% FREE 28-page eBook, and start learning about what it really takes to make it on Wall Street.

Trading Tesla: 8 Lessons From an Epic Bear Smash

In mid-2019 to early 2020, Tesla (TSLA) made a monumental move, going from $200 to nearly $1,000. Download this free 23-page case study, and learn 8 lessons from this unique stock.

Scott Redler Trading Lessons

10 Trading Rules I'll Teach My Son

Scott Redler answers a hard question: what should his son know about trading? Turns out, there are 10 specific things.

How to Take Control of Your Trading, and Finally Turn Things Around

Every day is a new day. And that's the beauty of trading. You can always start over. But if you really want to make a fresh start, you need a reality check.

What Is a Special Stock?

If you follow Scott, then you probably know he has his own trading language. It's easy to understand once you get the hang of it, let's focus on one term: 'special'

6 Essential Tips for New Prop Traders

Proprietary trading isn’t an easy career choice. But you may be able to push your odds of long-term success in your favor by following these 6 core principles.

Investor's Business Daily Interview

Scott joined Investor’s Business Daily for an in-depth interview on his trading strategy, including his approach to moving averages.

Scott and Josh Brown Talk Trading

In this special video, Scott Redler talks trading with Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. Learn why Scott takes a blue collar approach to trading, and why you should try to be like Derek Jeter.

Scott Redler’s Brain Food: Your Saturday Morning Refresher

Trading is a full-time job, and it's a hard one that takes a lot of energy. So learn how to recharge your brain every Saturday morning.

Scott Redler Technical Analysis Case Studies

Case Study: Trading Tesla (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL)

See how Scott trades around positions in tech stocks, what drove Tesla up, and how he used a mix of stock and options.

Case Study: Trading Peloton (PTON)

Learn how Scott became interested in Peloton stock after he ordered a bike. Learn the simple and powerful technical analysis techniques Scott used to understand the stock.

Case Study: Trading SPAC Stocks

Trading SPAC stocks is not easy. See how Scott traded NKLA, IPOB, and IPOC, and pick up simple trend analysis techniques that could have helped you avoid the carnage.

Case Study: Amazon (AMZN) on the A-Squad

Every morning, Scott post his Go To List in the Redler Report morning newsletter. It's a core list of 10-15 names I'm always watching for possible entries. See how Amazon went from the Go To List to a beautiful entry.

About Scott Redler

Scott Redler has been a professional trader since 1999.

After 8 years of successful trading, Scott co-founded T3 Companies, LLC in 2007 and began serving as Chief Strategic Officer of both T3 Live and T3 Trading Group.

As the financial crisis began, Scott became a recurring guest on CNBC, repeatedly warning investors of the danger ahead.

Today, Scott remains a professional trader, and regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and Fox Business.

His technical analysis work has been featured by numerous media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, MarketWatch, and Investor’s Business Daily, among many others.

Scott has trained traders all around the world, and has appeared in documentaries by the BBC and China’s CCTV-2.

Through the Redler Report, Scott helps traders, money managers, and individual investors view the markets through his eyes and approach each day with a steady, measured approach.

Scott also moderates the Alpha Team room on our Virtual Trading Floor®.

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