Trading Lessons By Derrick Oldensmith of the Pro Desk VTF®

Derrick Oldensmith Trading Lessons

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The Ultimate Guide to Prop Trading Careers

Understand the advantages of prop trading, including access to buying power and professional platforms. And learn what you need to go now if you want to go pro.

Derrick Oldensmith Talks to the Simcast

Derrick visits the team at The Simcast to talk about his strategies and mentorship style. He also gives listeners an inside look at what it's like to start at a prop desk, plus how his background prepared him to become a trader.

How to Maximize Reward on Your Trades

Learn to maximize rewards and manage risk on your trades in this trading webinar. Learn how and why I book profits on different types of trades, and see why risk management is key to your success.

When to Exit a Winner

When your trade is going well, when do you get out? How do you know it’s time to book that profit?The answer depends upon the type of trade that you’re involved in.

Making Money in Trading: My Keys to Success

Want to succeed in trading? Then you need to understand the simple bath behind risk-reward. And you need to understand how to improve your odds of success on individual trades.

How I Use Moving Averages

One of the most common mistakes I see from people who are getting involved in trading is they think moving averages are support or resistance. This is not true. Learn how moving averages really work.

What is a Short Squeeze?

A short squeeze is forced buying from short sellers who are already in the marketplace. It's also an opportunity for smart traders to capitalize on emotion.

Probability in the Stock Market

Finding the risk/reward probability of a trade is simple math. But most people don't talk about the other side of the formula: the probability of success. Probability is very dynamic and not as straightforward as risk/reward. Learn why.

5 Things You Should Know Before You Trade

If you're just getting started in the trading business, it can all feel overwhelming. So start with these 5 important tips.

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About Derrick Oldensmith

Derrick Oldensmith is a Senior Trader and Managing Supervisor for T3 Trading Group, LLC and VP of Trading and Education for T3 Live, LLC. Derrick joined T3 Trading Group in 2011 and has been running a trading desk since 2013.

Derrick combines day trading, swing trading, and portfolio management into his own, unique, top-down approach to the markets. He combines of technical analysis on multiple time frames and tape reading with a background of qualitative fundamentals.

He has developed and mentored hundreds of T3’s entry level traders and currently manages a group of more than 50.

Derrick is also a two-time world champion kickboxer.

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