Power Plays Update: Closing MSFT & AMZN, Switching Up SLV
April 19, 2024

By Scott Redler

I am closing out Microsoft (MSFT) and Amazon (AMZN) from Power Plays.

Amazon looked ready to rebound this morning, but the weakness in Nvidia (NVDA) and Super Micro (SMCI) is quickly spreading to other names.

And it's hard to know how long this will go on.

We can revisit these names later when they set up better.

Yes, this is a turnaround from the weekly roundup sent earlier, but plenty's changed.

And at least with Amazon, we took off half higher.

Now for SLV.

We're going to close out the second half of our SLV long here.

It's been a nice gainer for us, but it now feels like a binary situation where it could shoot higher, or sell off.

So I'm adding SLV May 17 $28 calls to Power Plays here. They were recently trading around 35 cents.

This is an all-or-nothing situation where the trade can make a nice gain or be a zero, so think about that before you participate.


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