Power Plays Update: Quick Update on the Market
February 14, 2024

By Scott Redler

Since we have so many new Power Plays members, I wanted to chime in with a quick update.

Some of you wrote in asking why I didn't send a new idea on Monday.

The answer is simple - sometimes the right setup just isn't there.

And this week, that was a good thing because every single sector was down on Tuesday after the hot CPI report.

And right now, the SPY is down about $8 from Monday's high.

So I could have sent you an idea just for the sake of doing something, but I'd say there's a 95% chance we'd be down on it.

I love finding new ideas and sharing them with you -- but my first mission is to keep you out of trouble.

That's why I will not send you a Power Play unless I believe it can really work.

So sometimes, there will not be a new idea in a given week.

And in others, there may be 2-3.

It all depends on the opportunities the market gives us.

So I know you are frustrated, but please be patient -- we don't want to force trades and take unnecessary risks.

When the time is right, we will strike.

And remember, we do have current names in Power Plays like Occidental Petroleum (OXY) and Gold (GLD) for you to consider.


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