Power Plays Weekly Roundup
October 27, 2023

By Scott Redler

Earnings season continues to heat up, with Amazon (AMZN) and Intel (INTC) being the highlights from Thursday.

For now they are breaking the prevailing trend by actually staying near their post-earnings highs -- something that hasn't been that common.

But we still have 5+ hours until the closing bell and anything can happen.

Apple (AAPL) reports next week, and obviously, that will be the event of the season along with Nvidia (NVDA) which reports on November 21.

October has been a very tough month, and the only real gains have been in Gold and Natural Gas.

The banks are also falling apart, led down by JP Morgan (JPM) which is getting hit on Jamie Dimon's selling.

And until further notice, the smart move is to exercise caution.

Just last week, XLE looked ready to break out from a bull flag, and just 5 days later it's tagging the 200 day.

So this tape is treacherous, and we're going to be very careful in introducing new ideas.

Now let's go over our remaining Power Play:

Netflix (NFLX) has been a big tricky since I added it to Power Plays last Friday. It hit a high of $418.84 on Wednesday before settling back down into the $400 area. It might be choppy, but will likely outperform since earnings were strong and now out of the way.


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