Power Plays Weekly Roundup
October 6, 2023

By Scott Redler

Wow, what a week!

This morning gave us a bit of a scare as the jobs report came in very hot.

We saw a fast down move in equities, and TLT fell hard, all the makings of a disaster.

But perhaps negative sentiment helped as dip buyers came in to stabilize things.

The 10-year is well off morning highs, and the QQQ's are now up 1% thanks to strength in the semis.

As long as names like Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) hold it together, it will be hard to take this market down.

However, I'd keep an eye on the banks, especially the regionals. Because at times, they trade like they're on the verge of announcing bad news.

The 10-year yield is much higher now than during the regional blowups earlier in the year. So you have to wonder if there's another show to drop.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD):this stock has felt downright predatory at times, but it held up very well during this week's tricky action, and showed major relative strength on Friday, outperforming both the QQQ's and major semi stocks like Nvidia (NVDA).

Fisker (FSR): this speculative EV name got hit Thursday on Rivian's (RIVN) news of a money raise. Unfortuantely, RIVN was a Power Play also, and we exited for a loss Thursday. However, Fisker is having a decent bounce back today and looks ready to trend higher again. It's not for the faint of heart.


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