Power Plays Weekly Roundup
September 29, 2023

By Scott Redler

We're closing out another very tricky week in the market.

It looked like we'd be ending on a positive note after the PCE Index report this morning.

But equities are already giving back their post-CPI gains.

And even names that have been showing relative strength, like AMD (AMD) and Google (GOOGL), are well off their morning highs.

For now, this doesn't bode sell for the action into the close.

Tech and small caps showed a little relative strength this week, but the SPY is basically flat.

Yields are a very big concern for this market.

We finally got some relief with TLT up about $2 from Thursday's low.

But if the 10-year keeps marching higher, volatility is going to ratchet up.

Some are worried about it hitting 5%+, which would be a major negative catalyst.

There's also danger of a government shutdown, which could interrupt some economic data reports on top of the negative headlines we'd see.

Right now, it's hard to tell if it's worth holding names for more than a few days, or even a few hours, because we're seeing so many short-term whipsaws.

It would be healthy to see a down open Monday to shake the tree a bit, which could set up better swing long opportunities.

I suggest keeping TLT on your screen and paying close attention.

Equities will have a hard time rallying if TLT can't hold up.

Have a great weekend.


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