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Technical Analysis Terms and Tutorials

What Is a Head & Shoulders Top?

The Head and Shoulders ‘Top’ is one of two major head and shoulders chart patterns which form the most common reversal formations, and signals to chart users that a security's price is likely to make a downward move. Learn how it works.

What Is a Head & Shoulders Chart Pattern?

This pattern is extremely popular among traders and investors as it is considered to be one of the most reliable of all the formations, and it also appears to be an easy one to spot.

What Are Candlestick Reversal Patterns?

Candlestick reversal patterns are patterns formed on a chart using candlestick analysis charting. The formations created by plotting the relevant stock prices (high, low, open and close) provide indication that a reversal in trend is likely to be on the cards. There are many different types of reversal patterns, but they can be broadly classed into two categories; bullish reversal patterns, and bearish reversal patterns.

Candlestick Analysis: What You Need to Know

Candlestick analysis involves the study of charts, on which shapes resembling candlesticks have been plotted. Information can be obtained by examining the length of the candlestick, its proportions, its color, and its relationship to the candlesticks preceding and following. Even at a glance, candlestick charts provide more information than most other forms of charts, and candlestick analysis has become an essential part of technical analysis.

What Is Intermarket Analysis?

Understanding the correlation between certain markets and how the movement in one sector is apt to affect the direction of another provides a bigger picture perception of the arena in which one is trading.

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