Friday Update - Epic Trades - 10/13/2023

By David Prince

Good morning all,

What a week as we've seen stocks bounce after the outbreak of war.  We hate to sound callous, but war is typically a buy signal, not a sell.

Our $USO trade worked very well and then growth stocks started to run.

Now we watch for pullbacks for opportunities there.  $AMD and $AMZN are of particular interest.  Both have several layers of potential support underneath.  We'll be back with more as the trades set up.

Several banks including $C $JPM $WFC reported earnings this morning and most beat across the board. The stocks are up, but not huge.  Nothing to do there now.

Earnings continue next week with $NFLX $MS $GS and $TSLA to name a few.

As mentioned above, we are looking for ideas on this market pullback and may have something later.

Some of you asked for an update on our $IMNM idea. This chart is improving, but it looks unlikely that it will move far enough fast enough for our October options.  I do believe the stock goes much higher over time, even if our timing for this trade was off.  We'll keep it on the radar.

More to come,