Epic Trades Subscriber Update 9/18/2023

By David Prince

Good morning all,

Futures went from green to red this morning as the market awaits FOMC this week. No rate hike is expected and the focus will be on what Jerome Powell has to say.

Bitcoin was finally woken up and it's moving higher and into the 50-day MA.

It's taking related names with it as well, like $RIOT, $MARA, $COIN, etc. There is nothing to do here as of now.

But we'll see what develops.

Seasonally speaking, this is a notoriously weak time of year. Combine the seasonal tendencies with rates, earnings, FOMC, etc., and it's a time for continued patience.

We'll keep the updates coming.

And of course, we'll send trades if/when they show up.

But don't be surprised if things are a little trickier this week.