An Eerie October for Stocks: Parallels You Need to See


October 24, 1929 is referred to as Black Thursday.

The DJIA was down 11% before rebounding to close down around 3%.

I suspect most market players who had participated in the Roaring Twenties Bull Run suspected

October 24, 1929 was a Selling Climax.

It wasn’t.

History remembers October 29, 1929 as Black Tuesday when the DJIA was down 12%; however in reality, Monday October 28, 1929 saw a 13% decline

Another Black Monday that rhymed with 1987.

Since July, Hit and Run has been warning of the many Time/Price synchronicities between 1929 and 2023.

Specifically, 1929 is 94 years ago

On my Square of 9 Wheel, 94 squares-out with October.

94 is precisely 90 degrees square October 16th.

This is where the heart and soul of the waterfall started in 1929.

The current downdraft here in 2023 started on October 17th.

Using the number grid (price grid) on the Square of 9 Wheel as years, we see that the year 1929 vibrates/vectors off 481. This is the SPX all time high in January 1929.

Taken together these two synchronicities telegraphed the coming storm and we warned that July would mark a Secondary Top followed by a powerful downturn.

This morning a special report for Hit and Run members outlines exactly where a crash could take the SPX going into 2024…and the levels we’re watching along the way that opens the door lower or invalidates further downside.

In sum, there is blood on the tape as the generals flee the battlefield: the Magnificent 7 are becoming the Maleficent 7.

When these icons become a source of funds panicky selling can erupt.

META spiked sharply higher after reporting Wednesday; however, following the conference call where they warned that geopolitical uncertainty was hurting ad-spend, it METAastasized the entire market.

When the paddy wagon comes, they take the Madams too.

No one can know if history will repeat going into the end of October, but so far the rhyme is eerie.

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