Traders Turn on Bitcoin


What's the big takeaway in this week's sentiment survey?

Traders have turned in Bitcoin! So let's jump in and see what's going on.

SPX Bulls Keep Backing Off

January tends to be a good month for stocks, but traders have become much much less bullish over the past two weeks, thanks to the selloff.

Bitcoin Sentiment Collapses

Just 37% of traders are bullish on Bitcoin -- the lowest level we have ever seen since we launched this survey in mid-October. Given how hard Bitcoin has been dropping, this is no surprise - though this week-over-week drop is staggering.

Apple Bears Come Out to Play

Apple (AAPL) has been caught up in the growth stock meltdown, and bullishness fell for the second week in a row.

Tesla Bulls Disappear

Tesla (TSLA) bullishness dropped big from last week as a result of the growth stock meltdown.

Gold Bullishness Slips

Gold sentiment tends to be all over the place from week to week. And this week, there was a slight drop from 72% to 66%.

Oil Sentiment Flattish

Oil prices have been on the rise since early December, and that's certainly had a big impact on oil sentiment.

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