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What's the big takeaway in this week's sentiment survey?

Traders are more bullish pretty much across the board. In this week's survey, bullishness grew on all of the assets we track aside from gold.

Now let's dig in:

SPX Bullishness Shoots Higher

Last week, there were worries the Santa Claus rally would not come through, thanks to the rise of the Omicron Covid-19 variant. 

But, bullish sentiment skyrocketed to 76% this week after the S&P 500 rose Tuesday through Thursday of last week.

Bitcoin Sentiment Up

Bitcoin bullishness was hovering around the 55% mark for weeks but is up to 67% this week.

Apple iLove Is Back

Last week, just 49% of traders were bullish on Apple (AAPL), an all-time low in our survey.

However, with Apple shooting up through the end of last week, bullishness jumped to 74%.

People Like Tesla Again

Tesla (TSLA) was down in the dumps thanks to Elon Musk's stock sales... but it appears the stock's rebound is pleasing traders, with bullishness rising to 75% this week.

Gold Bullishness Drops

Once again, traders failed to stay attracted to gold, with bullishness dropping to 56% this week from a record high of 78% last week.

Oil Bullishness Slips

Oil prices were up last week, which boosted oil bullishness modestly over last week.

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