Traders Love Gold


The big takeaway in this week's sentiment survey?

Traders love gold!

SPX Bullishness Falls

Given the emergence of the Omicron variant, it's no surprise that SPX sentiment fell this week.

58% of traders believe the SPX will rise over the next 30 days, down from 67% last week.

Bitcoin Sentiment Remarkably Steady

This is the most unusual thing we've seen since we launched T3 Sentiment. Bitcoin sentiment has been pretty much dead flat for 3 straight weeks at around 55%.

Apple Doubters

Just 49% of traders are bullish on Apple (AAPL), the lowest reading since we launched the Sentiment Survey.

Traders Doubt Tesla

51% of traders are bullish on Tesla (TSLA), down slightly from last week. It appears that Elon Musk's controversial Tweets are not helping the stock...

Gold Bullishness Skyrockets

A whopping 78% of traders are bullish on Gold for the next 30 days, up from just 55% last week. Why? Because of the combination of Omicron fears and rising inflation.

Oil Bullishness Slips

With oil prices continuing to fall, it's no surprise that bullishness on oil fell:

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