Tesla Is Hated!


Markets took a big hit late last week as the Omicrom COVID-19 variant sent shivers down traders' spines.

HOWEVER... are traders scared?

Judging by our survey results, only a little, aside from Tesla (TSLA) - where sentiment is very negative. (scroll down to see the numbers there

Traders Keep Backing Away from Stocks

We've been running our survey for 8 weeks, and we have our most negative reading for the SPX so far - just 56% of traders are bullish.

This means that traders barely reacted to last week's selloff.

Bitcoin Gets the Ugly Stick

Bitcoin sentiment actually rose slightly this week.

This is pretty interesting considering that on Saturday, Bitcoin collapsed and almost broke $40,000.

And as you might expect, the downtrend has traders more wary of Bitcoin.

Apple Still a Fan Favorite

Apple has been one of the strongest stocks in the market but optimism towards the iPhone maker has been headed downhill fast.

Just 53% of traders said they are bullish on Apple for the next 30 days.

Tesla Sentiment Collapses

Traders have been cautious on Tesla (TSLA), but now they're outright bearish.

Just 36% of traders are bullish on Tesla for the next 30 day:

Why all the hate? We suspect it's simply a case of opinion following price. The stock is well off the November highs, and dipped below $1,000 this morning:

Gold All Over the Place

Gold sentiment remains remarkably volatile. And for now, Traders are pretty much deadlocked.

Traders Still Against Oil

Crude oil prices are well off the October highs, which took a hit on sentiment in November.

However, bullishness rose to 60% in this week's survey.

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