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iLove: Why Traders Are Chasing Apple Now


What's the big takeaway in this week's sentiment survey.

Traders LOVE stocks... especially Apple (AAPL).

Traders Still Love Stocks

79% of surveyed traders are bullish on stocks for the next 30 days, which is no surprise given how the market came off the lows last week.

Futures are off the morning highs, so we'll see if the optimism is misplaced.

Traders Still Like Bitcoin

Bitcoin is well off the November 9 high at $68,958, but traders are still generally bullish on Bitcoin,,with bullishness over 70% for 4 straight weeks.

Apple Still a Fan Favorite

Apple (AAPL) has been steadily firing higher since its earnings report, and will open at new record highs above $160 on Monday morning.

Traders believe Apple is headed for a strong holiday season as it seems like the company will only be held back by its ability to fulfill orders.

Tesla Sentiment Rises Again

Bullish Tesla (TSLA) sentiment increased for the second straight week following that mega drop down to 35%.

Still, it appears traders are basically deadlocked on this controversial name.

Gold Falling Out of Favor

Last week, traders liked gold more than Tesla, but that situation flip flopped, likely because of gold's big dip on Friday, which you can see on the chart:

Traders Turn On Oil

Crude oil prices have slipped from the highs, so it's no surprise that bullishness on oil has slipped.

And as you can see, energy stocks have taken quite a beating as of late after a nice run off the summer lows:

Energy is still the #1 sector of 2021... but who knows how long that will last?

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