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Tesla: Traders Are DEADLOCKED!


Last week, traders were squared up against Tesla (TSLA).

This week, we're deadlocked.

Normally, we begin the weekly T3 Sentiment Report with the SPX, but our Tesla data has been so interesting that we're leading with it again.

Tesla Sentiment COLLAPSES!

Sentiment on Tesla improved quite a bit week-over-week.

So instead of outright bearish, traders are now split 50-50 over Tesla.

The stock is down about $200 off the highs and was down last week, so it's interesting that bullish sentiment improved from that 35% number.

Meanwhile, now CEO Elon Musk is trolling Bernie Sanders on Twitter, which seems to be exciting the peanut gallery. 

The big question now is "will dip buyers jump in Tesla now?"

We'll see.

Trader Grow More Optimistic on Stocks

The market was up Thursday and Friday, and SPX futures are up fractionally on Monday morning.

So it's no surprise SPX bullishness pushed up to 77%.

Traders Still Like Bitcoin

Bitcoin bullishness has improved quite a bit since the October 21 Flash Crash on Binance.us.

And we're not surprised - Bitcoin has been in a nice uptrend, and has been up for 3 straight days, as you can see on the chart:

Traders Still Like Apple

Apple's (AAPL) last earnings report was less than stellar, but traders don't care.

Apple bullishness has been rising, based on the perception that the company's biggest problem is its inability to get enough supply.

Apple literally has too many customers and not enough stuff to sell 'em.

Gold Feels the Love

For the second week in a row, traders like gold more than Tesla, according to our survey data.

While gold and other precious metals have been lousy performers year-to-date, they have been surging as of late, as you can see in this chart of GLD:

Why the surge?

Inflation just hit a 30-year high at 6.2%, and many investors and traders view gold as a hedge against inflation.

Oil Bulls Back Off

Crude oil prices have slipped off the highs, so it's no surprise that oil sentiment has more or less flattened out in recent weeks. 

Oil is falling Monday morning, so we'll see if that weighs on energy sector sentiment.

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