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IMPORTANT CUSTOMER UPDATE: Why You Should Switch to Gmail Now


ATTN: if you are not receiving emails from T3 Live, please read this article in its entirety:

In recent days, a recurring issue popped up again: Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail are failing to deliver emails – even to paying customers that have read our emails daily for years.

Many of our industry colleagues are having the same exact problem. 

And Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail refuse to help, despite complaints from thousands of users.

The problem tends to come and go for weeks at a time, which is unacceptable by any standard. 

How to Access Your Content

Please note that you may always log into your customer Portal to access your content, where it is uploaded immediately. 

And to ensure you get your valuable content, we recommend you switch to Gmail as soon as possible.

Yes, we realize this might seem like a pain.

But if you're not getting your T3 Live emails… what else might you be missing?

Many of our customers are already transitioning to Gmail, where their emails get delivered like clockwork.

Setup takes a minute, and is 100% worth it, even if you only use Gmail for your financial content. 

Our eMail Practices, and Next Steps

T3 Live takes security and privacy very seriously, and we follow industry best practices for opt outs and other issues.

In plain English, we run a clean and healthy email list. 

And there is no reason for you to open our emails every day for years… and then suddenly stop receiving content.

So please, open a Gmail account so you can continue with your services worry-free.

Just make sure you contact us with your change so we can get you back focused on the market.

We also urge you to interact with T3 Live emails by opening and clicking as often as possible.

This will help “train” email service providers to deliver your content. And frankly, it makes sense for any email content you find valuable.


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