GLD Forecast


The following daily GLD for 2021 demonstrates the unique magic of the Square of 9 Wheel.

GLD struck an important high at the beginning of the year at 183.21.

The Square of 9 below shows that 180 degrees down from the January 5 pivot high is 157.

Purple is 183
Blue is 157

GLD turned up from 157 and pulled back to test the early March low after being rejected from a well-defined trend channel.

The higher low at the end of the quarter ties to 90 days/degrees from the January 5 high.

So going into April, GLD was 180 degrees down from high in 90 days/degrees of time for a time/price square-out.

Importantly, the test of the early March low installed a successful test of the 157 region, putting in a double bottom which elicited a breakout over a 3 month declining trend channel.

The series of gaps to the topside following the breakout on April 1 underscores the change in character perpetuated by the square-out.

Last week, GLD gapped up and closed above its 50 day moving average, which elicited a close above a symmetrical “Ghost Line” — a parallel trendline to this year's trend channel.

169 is 90 degrees down from the 183 high of the year and 90 degrees up from the 157 low of the year.

Purple is 183
Red is 169

The takeaway is GLD should be magnetized to 169 over coming days/weeks.

Clearing and sustaining above 169 opens the door for a run to 183.

Pulling back the lens to check a weekly GLD shows the large range weekly reversal in early February.

In sum, breakage above 183 that sticks indicates the potential for a move to 211, which represents a 360 degree advance from 157.

Notice on the 1st sq of 9 above how 211 is one full revolution of 360 degrees, or 1 full square up, from 157. Essentially, this is how the Square of 9 Wheel solves the age old mathematician’s dilemma of squaring the circle.

Fast moves come from Reversals of Reversals. If the weekly reversal from early January is offset, it will be a signal pointing to the potential for a powerful bull run.

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