2020 Trader Poll Results: You LOVE Amazon

Yesterday, we held an informal, unscientific poll to measure traders' expectations for 2020.

This is what we found:

52.8% of survey respondents believe the SPX will rise more than 10% in 2020.

17.6% said it would fall more than 10%, with 29.6% saying it would finish somewhere in the middle.

Then, we measured expectations for a crash.

31.7% of respondents said the SPX will fall more than 10% in a singly day. This seems awfully high, considering that this has only happened three times going back to 1929.

In terms of asset classes, traders are most bullish on stocks. 55.1% said stocks would perform best in 2020.

We next took a lot at sectors to see which sectors traders are most bullish and bearish on.

Survey respondents were most positive on tech, with 71.1% said they were bullish on technology. Real Estate was down at the bottom, with just 15% bullishness reported.

Traders' positive view on tech is no surprise given that QQQ is up almost 40% in 2019, with the Semiconductors ETF (SMH) up 63%.

And finally, we asked traders what their #1 stock of 2020 was. And the positivity towards tech continued there.

AMZN was the #1 choice by a country mile, with more than double the number of votes of the second place pick, AAPL.

MSFT and TSLA were in the 3rd and 4th positions, respectively.

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