Announcing the T3 Total Access iPhone App!


For years, people have been asking us “can I use the Virtual Trading Floor® on my iPhone?”

Until now, the answer has been no.

So we're ecstatic to finally announce the T3 Total Access App for iPhone and iPad, which you can download from the App Store here.

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With T3 Total Access, you get live streaming video, audio, and chat directly to your Apple device.

Whether you're in a car, sitting in an airport, or just taking a walk, you can listen in and interact with our team.

This way, you can keep up with the markets from anywhere in the world there's an Internet connection — you are no longer tied down to your desktop computer or your office.

Please note: Google Android device users can access the VTF® through the free Google Chrome app.

To learn about our Virtual Trading Floor® rooms:

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Need help picking a room?

Call our team at 1-888-998-3548 or click here to email us.

Please note: standard data rates apply. Not all functions may be supported on all devices, particularly some Android smartphones and tablets.

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