By: Jeff Cooper

Hit and Run Trading Morning Report - April 4, 2024

4/4 Alignment

In addition to the Great American Eclipse on April 8th, there is another extraordinary event that happens today…April 4th.

On the 4th day of the 4th month of 2024 there is a planetary alignment that involves 4 planets.

Looking out from the Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Neptune will all appear to be aligned behind one another in the sky.

That’s some synchronicity: 4 planets will be aligned on the 4th day of the 4th month just 4 days before the Great American Eclipse on April 8.

On April 8th, the sun, the moon, and the seven other planets in our solar system will all appear to be lined up.

Maybe something, maybe nothing but it is reminiscent of the Harmonic Convergence in the sky where planets were aligned on August 17th, 1987…days before the peak on August 25th which was followed by the October 19th crash.

While many stocks partied on Wednesday, April may prove to be anything but a time to celebrate.

Checking the SPX  shows another rebound from a test of the 20 day moving average on Tuesday.

That said, the index retreated from Phil D Gap on the nose yesterday.

We tweeted that a 20/50 hourly Bowtie in combo with the open gap from Tuesday’s Breakaway should find resistance.

The SPX 3 Day Chart turned down on March 26 for only the second time this year.
It defined a low…bullishly.

The 3 Day Chart turned back up 2 days later.

However Tuesday the 3 Day Chart turned back down because it violated the prior circled 3 Day Chart low from March 26th.

Consequently, a higher high today above Wednesday’s high puts the SPX in the Minus One/Plus Two sell position.

If that plays out, and we see downside pressure, it opens the door for a definitive break below the 20 day moving average, the Holy Grail.

Breakage of the 20 day would occur in combo with a trend line defining support since the start of 2024.

With the 50 day not having been tested since the rally started last October, the presumption is follow thru below the 20 day m.a. opens the door to the 50 day line currently at 5070.

507 (5070) is a corner number that squares May 7th…an important cycle which relates to panic.

Consequently, assume we are in a correction and 507 snaps, then it is worth noting that 485 (SPY) points to May 7th.  That’s 415 points below Wednesday’s close in a month.

The 20 week moving average currently resides at 4918.

It has not been tested since the SPX exploded above it in November.

A downdraft to 4850 (485) fully tests/undercuts the 20 week m.a.

The significance of May 7th is underscored by the fact that using the spiral numbers on the Wheel as years instead of price reveals that 2024 is 180 degrees straight across and opposite May 7th.

So on May 7th, 485 and the year 2024 all are in alignment.