By: Jeff Cooper

Hit and Run Trading Morning Report - January 10, 2024

2024: A Year Of Destiny

The Great Bull Market started in August 1982.

However, it must be noted that August 1982 was a higher low.

The actual low occurred on the week of March 24, 1980.

As legendary market operator W. D. Gann wrote markets spend two periods of time on the side before trending…weekly, monthly or yearly.

August 1982 is a higher low to the March 1980 low.

It was a test of the March 1980 low.

The DJIA exploded after a Trap Door buy setup.

Let’s take a look at the relationship between 1980/1982 and 2022/2025 through the lens of the best trading tool on the planet--- The Square of 9 Time/Price Calculator.

It was used in ancient Egypt and India where Gann traveled to study it.

This tool does many things but it is unique in how it integrates Time and Price.

Using the number grid in the center of the Square of 9 Wheel as years versus numbers we find that

1980-1982 falls in the “corner” which is more powerful. In other words all the corner numbers on this Wheel are natural squares or half squares.
For example 9 is a corner number and is 3 squared.

The relevance is that price is a spiral progression, not a straight line.

Price plays out according to a logarithmic progression, the Fibonacci Spiral.

90 degrees from 1980/1982 is 2024.

This is set to be a year of destiny in the stock market.

Could Mr. Market stage a new high Bull Trap  in 2024.


The jury is out on that just now. But if we do get a melt-up ala the year 2000 (which is apx the mid-point of the time period from 1980 to 2022) then my work suggests it will be in 2024.

The DJIA has already scored a new high. Ditto the Q’s.

The SPX exploded from a low of 100/101 on August 12, 1982.

Remarkably, the Square of 9 Wheel shows this was a Time/Price square-out.

“When time and price square-out look for a change in trend.”
-W.D. Gann

Interestingly, 485 (4850, near the all-time high) is 6 price cycles up from 101.

If we’re going to get a Last Ditch run the Sq of 9 points to two regions 507 (5070) and 529 (5290).

Of course if we get to either of these levels, everyone will be bullish and dancing with lampshades on their head.

Prepare yourself.

What does the magic Square of 9 Wheel say about 2024.

2024, the year, squares out with late January/early February.

This is important because we had an important high on July 27th and exactly 90 days/degrees later on October 27th we got an important spike low.

90 days/degrees later is the end of January.

IF we’re going to get a leg up to a new all time high, then there is a strong likelihood it will come after what we referred to in our late November prediction as a basing period from December 20 to late January.

In the short term, yesterday’s report warned if the market started down on Tuesday heads up for a reversal for a push above Monday’s high.

The SPX gapped down with authority making a low within minutes.

It then rallied fractionally above Monday’s high before plunging 13 points in a a half hour.

The reason I was confident that the SPX would satisfy a move above Monday’s high on Tuesday is because of the power of my Minus One/Plus Two Swing Method.

In other words when the 3 Day Chart is pointing down (with 3 consecutive lower daily lows as was the case satisfying the Minus One part of The Method), then the next time we get 2 consecutive higher daily highs that satisfies the Plus Two part of the equation.

The SPX rolled over immediately after going into the daily Minus One/Plus Two sell position on Tuesday.

The fact that Mr. Market responded precisely to the setup suggests the door is open for lower prices.

As offered on the Hit and Run Private Twitter Feed on Tuesday, 4724 is the downside pivot being 90 degrees down from the Dec 4793 high.