By: Jeff Cooper

Hit and Run Trading Morning Report - December 6, 2023

After Math

Since the 2009 bear market bottom, every two years, the market reached a high between mid-January to mid-February.

Each subsequent selloff became larger and longer.

The only time this cycle did not exert its influence is early 2012.

Jan 22, 2018, Feb 10, 2020, Jan 4th, 2022 marked 3 major tops.

After each top the market crashed 12%, 35% and 28% respectively.

Interestingly, this January/February is the 6th year from Volmageddon in January 2018.

6 years is a cube in time as a true square is 6 sides.

So this January/February looks very pivotal.

Late January is also 180 degrees/days from the late July 2023 top and 90 degrees from the late October 2023 bottom.

A weekly from the 2009  low shows a new high may catch the vast majority of traders

A new high looks like a B Wave. Think October 2007.

The aftermath of a B wave is a vicious C wave decline.