By: Jeff Cooper

Hit and Run Morning Stock Report: 10/04/2022

In September, we discussed how an Intermediate Term low is historically shown to occur anywhere from a few days to as much as two to three weeks after the NYMO bottoms.

This relationship is typical when the NYMO closes below  -100 as it did in September.

So far in this decline, the low set by the McClellan Oscillator occurred one week ago on September 26 at -128.58.

On that day the SPX closed at 3685.62.

On Friday, 9/30, the SPX closed at a low for the year of 3585.62 and the NYMO was -65.35 on that day.

Could that have been the Intermediate-Term low?

Anything is possible, but the structure and cycles suggest that the next turndown will usher in a 3 of 3 of 3 wave decline.

A powerful and dramatic decline.

Moreover, markets seek equilibrium and the SPX failed to kiss a 50% retrace at 3505.

It could theoretically throw a curve ball and fail to do so on this leg down, but given the downside momentum this year, that seems to be the short straw.

My expectation for the moment is that we will still see lower lows for this Intermediate Term downtrend in the month of October.

“Natural” cycles suggest this is the case.

This October is the most astro-eventful month of the year.


It marks both a solar eclipse and Mars going retrograde.

This is a potentially cautionary tale.

The solar eclipse takes place on October 25th.

Eclipses are part of the key to W D Gann’s coded novel Tunnel Thru the Air.

As with all eclipses, something hidden will be revealed, as the mere symbolism of the light being darkened indicates.

The prospects point to chaos and unforeseen events.

October is often a month of market lows, but the question is how low low is, and have we seen capitulation and a genuine Selling Climax?

With Mars going retrograde on October 30 at a sensitive spot in the home of the U.S. chart, there is the potential for something affecting the administration.

We have already shown how 1929 being 93 years ago ties to the last week of October.

With this vibration coincident with Mars retrograde, the potential for violence and a violent market exist.

Suffice it to say North Korea is upping the ante by firing a missile over Japan yesterday.

As well, cycles suggest Putin is not bluffing and he is being backed into a corner.

All in all, cycles suggest a purging of what has been building up this year both as to the war in Ukraine and financial markets.

In sum, the Bradley Model has a turn date on October 6th.

The SPX 3-Day Chart could turn up with 3 higher daily highs into October 6th.

This also ties to the opening of the Gann Panic Window.

Despite Monday’s FOMO, caution is warranted as I think the DJIA projects to 26,000 before year-end.