July 18, 2022

Intraday Update: TLT

First off, a reminder that our next option session is this afternoon at 4:30 PM est in the Options In Play room. I hope you all can make it!

TLT continues to spin around the 50day sma as it searches for direction, and while the overall make-or-break pattern still stands, the Jul29 strangle is losing premium quickly. Because TLT should still see a sizable move higher or lower when it resolves this pattern, it makes sense to stick with a trade on it, but we need to roll the current contracts out to August to buy more time for the trade to develop:
  • Close Jul29 $119 - $123 call spread
  • Open Aug19 $120 - $124 call spread
  • Close Jul29 $112 - $108 put spread
  • Open Aug19 $110 - $106 put spread
Note: the Aug19 options are further out-of-the-money and require extra debit, but this will provide an additional three weeks for the trade to play out.

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