By Dan Darrow

October 18, 2022

Intraday Update: NKE, AMZN, ADBE

Indices are following up yesterday's large rally with a huge gap higher this morning, and as QQQ and SPY begin to break out of the recent monthly downtrend (would have preferred to see the move develop during the session for confirmation), many stocks are opening significantly green. It will likely be a busy morning of updates, but we need to start with NKE as it is opening at the tightened stop level (92.25). The Nov18 $85 - $80 put spread will be closed before the stock can build momentum into the earnings gap.

Also, we will give AMZN and ADBE 30-45 minutes off the open to see if the stocks retrace and/or give new tradeable patterns (both are up sharply early).

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