By Dan Darrow

September 01, 2022

Intraday Update: GFS, PANW, ENPH

A couple of more updates:

  • It's hard to give up on GFS after how great it has been weathering the Semi storm, but losing recent support at 58 this morning is a negative development for the bullish pattern. The stock's early drop is threatening a more major correction now, so the smartest thing to do is close the Oct21 $65 - $75 call spread. We can do a quick revisit if it resets above 61-62 moving forward.
  • Regarding the two trade ideas from last night's letter:
    • PANW is now below 550 and below the 8day ema, so the quick bull setup is no longer valid. We will hold off initiating the Oct21 $580 - $590 call spread.
    • ENPH is at the bottom of its recent flag and holding support for now, so while this is a very make-or-break level for the stock, the overall bull pattern is still intact. We can move forward with the Oct21 $310 - $320 call spread, and we will be using a tight stop at 369 now.

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