July 20, 2022

Intraday Update: EXPE, AMZN

We had to pay up for EXPE yesterday after a strong open, but that has ended up working well for us. A solid finish yesterday and a strong open again this morning has the stock well into the Aug19 $100 - $105 call spread range, and instead of rolling up further, the trade will be closed this morning to lock in the fast gain. We need to work quickly in this tape, and we can always revisit a new strategy on EXPE if it sets up well in the near future.

Time to lock in AMZN now too. A strong surge over the last few minutes has pushed AMZN well above 121, and the Aug05 $120 - $124 call spread roll up has moved solidly into the money. The plan will be to close the remainder of the trade today and lock in the winner ahead of earnings next week.

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