Can Tesla and Amazon Still Run Run Run?


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SPX futures are +3 after a big three-day move that held 5446 last week to hit 5570 on Friday (all-time high). Now we see if we hold 5520ish. We have CPI Thursday, PPI & bank earnings on Friday. And Powell speaks tomorrow.

Now let's dig into some individual names:

TSLA was a big money trade for our community as we hyper-focused here to clear the $191 and $199 area. It hit $252 Friday. It's down small this morning which is no surprise because it's a little extended. I'd think $242ish holds. It should be in play for the rest of the year so keep it on the radar.

AMZN gave a big money trade when it cleared the $189-$191 area to see $200ish. Some news about Jeff Bezos selling stock slowed it down. It can still see $205-$210. The first step towards that would be a high volume move over stay above $200.55.

MSFT has been a great Power Plays name. It cleared key levels at $433 and $457 to hit a high of $468 on Friday to manage. There is no real setup now.

NVDA finally woke up last Wednesday as it went through a “re-build” stage. Friday it was out of play. I'm long versus the $125 area. We'll see if it can hold today and trade better. The next spot to clear would be $129ish.

AMD chopped up traders for months then finally cleared $166-$167 with volume and authority Friday. It's giving some upside follow-through this morning to trim. Chances are this works back to at least the $183 area.

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Your Tip for This Week: Take a Blue Collar Mentality

Every day is a fresh start.

As traders, we must maximize the opportunities that are in front of us at the present moment.

Forget about what happened yesterday, and don’t obsess over what may happen tomorrow.

Let’s say you have a bad Friday. Don’t come in on Monday thinking you have to make up for it. You won’t be able to manage risk because you’ll be trading out of desperation.

Even the best of us have rough stretches.

But if we follow our principles and enter every day with a plan, our good days will outweigh the bad.

Just take it one day at a time.

On the flip side, if you make a fortune on Monday, don’t get lazy on Tuesday! Stick to your plan and make the most out of what you see.

This Week's Calendar

There's not much going on today.

But the rest of the week will be busy with Powell Testifying, CPI, PPI, plus bank earnings Friday.

Should be interesting with light summer volumes, which could create volatile action.

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