Why $183 Matters for Apple


SPY held the 8 day last week and Thursday. I bought some $421 calls for another breakout. SPY hit $428.74 and I took off half for ~75%. I'll trim the rest because they expire today. If we pull back a bit, I may add higher strikes. $431.73 is the high from last August.

QQQ: tech led the rally since March with many nice setups along the way. It might underperform in June. $352ish is upper support. We can't get too bearish if that holds. The AAPL event at 1:00 will be interesting. If that doesn’t get sold, QQQ shorts will get punished. I sold premium higher to generate some cash flow.

Now let's look at individual names:

AAPL: there are lots of upgrades and articles ahead of the 1:00 p.m. ET WWDC event with talk about AR and AI. They usually try and sell these events. $183 is a very interesting spot. See how it deals with that today. I bought stock and options as it held the post-earnings gap. I'll trim stock and hold options in case it clears the all-time high.

TSLA has kept rewarding traders since clearing $169.76 where I put my swing long on. It's given us multiple setups with plenty of options trades. It hit $217.25 Friday. I switched to another call spread and I’m still long. I'll trim some and hold some.

NVDA had a huge move that gave us so many ways to buy and trade it. The stock hit $419.36 with a topping tail to give clues it might need to consolidate for a while. We can be tactical here. Some got short Friday as it went green to red with a low of $390.58. This morning, see if there's a signal to go red to green, or if it sees $378 active support or the important earnings gap pivot.

AMD triggered long after I listed it around $91.60. it's been special since then and above the 8 day. Last Tuesday, I mentioned to trim or look for a cute short as it was super extended. It hit $130.79. On Friday it made a lower high at $121 and went red. This morning it will be testing the $115.80 gap pivot. I’ll see if there's an active buy vs. a 5-15-30 minute low.

NFLX is tricky at times, but it gave so many set ups that I went over here. Last week it held $385ish and hit a high of $407.52. Use the 8 day as your guide.

MSFT is still rewarding swing longs. It’s been riding the 8 day with a high of $337.50. Keep managing the trade. Many are doing well with it.

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