Would I Buy Disney?


We have mostly red arrows around the world to start this holiday-shortened week.

Remember the market is closed Thursday and shuts at 1 pm Friday.

Europe is lower with the DAX -0.6%, CAC -0.2%, and FTSE -0.1%.

Asia is lower. The Hang Seng is -1.8% but it's had a huge move off the lows.

The Fed's Bostic said “we may be done within 75bp-100bp” this weekend.

SPX futures are -24 to start the week. The question is do we hold the 3906-3935 area to keep this active sequence intact for another move above 4028? Or was that it? The next day or two will be important.

DIS is gapping up on Iger’s return but I wouldn’t chase it. $102ish is resistance


Now let's get into some of the other names I'm watching:

AAPL isn't special but gives opportunities. If this market is going to hold up this week, it will need this to be decent. This morning it's below the $149.97 low from Friday. See if that gets reclaimed. If not, $148.56 is key. I have some calls on, but no stock. I'll see if it's buyable today with a signal.

TSLA lost special status on 9/21-9/22 when it broke $305. It has been for sale since then. On Friday it toyed with the lows of the year as it hit $176.50. See how it handles that spot today. Elon Musk created his own problems with Twitter. The monthly chart has been super bearish for a while now.

NFLX: Ryan Cohen is building an active stake but that isn't affecting the price this morning. It hit $312 and broke $299. We”ll see if it can go red to green and reclaim Friday's low of $287 to relieve some pressure.

GOOGL hit a high of $100.14 in this oversold rally. Now it's faltering. See if it tries to reclaim $96.37. Otherwise it can see $94 pretty fast

AMZN’s bounce was lethargic. It hit a low of $92.48 That's your new pivot support to trade against.

META hit a high of $118.72 in the recent rally. Now, see if it can hold $109.80. See if it can go red-to-green today for cash flow.

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