5 Big Tech Names to Watch


SPY had a big gap and go on Thursday, giving some $385 to be long against. It cleared $390.39 to see $399.35 on Friday. We'll see if it can digest above $393.61 to build a new flag to keep this active sequence going. The 20 day is above with a gap that might get filled up to $408ish.

Now let's dig into 5 big tech names on my radar:

AAPL participated as everything ignited post-CPI. Now we’ll see if the $144 area holds to keep some commitment. The 200 day could be hard to get through above with Friday's high at $150.01.

TSLA’s bounce wasn't great. After making a low of $177, it hit $196.52 on Friday. See if it holds $192-$194 to keep the oversold bounce going. It will be hard to get and stay above $204-$210 in the week ahead.

MSFT had a better bounce pre-CPI and then was stronger than most names. It hit $247.99 Friday. Now see if it can digest above $241.

AMZN had a decent bounce but these things need so much time to rebuild. Now see if it can hold the $96 area to stay a bit constructive. There's a big gap above near $104. On Friday it hit a high of $101.19.

GOOGL responded pretty well. Some news of Insider buying helped. Now see if it can digest above $93.92 to stay constructive.

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