4 Tech Stocks on the Earnings Radar


We have mixed markets around the world to start the week. In Asia, the Hang Seng was down 6%ish after Xi secured his third term.

In Europe, the former Chancellor Sunak is the favorite after Boris pulled out.

SPX futures were above 3800 last night and below 3725 early this morning. They are now firmer. We'll see if the Inverse H&S pattern can measure a move to 3800-3900 in the next week or so. Holding 3656 keeps this active sequence intact.

There are lots of big earnings this week.

MSFTGOOGL, and are on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, there is META and BA.

On Thursday, it’s AAPLAMZNSHOP, and MRK.

Now let's go through 4 tech names that are reporting this week:

AAPL cleared a small downtrend on Friday as it held $141.50 all week. I'm long and will see if it can go green and move towards $148.50 or higher pre-earnings Thursday.

NFLX was a great focus last week. Some are long vs. $262 and there was a nice play Friday as it cleared $279.30 to see $290.75. I'm still long stock and I have a new call spread. The gap gets filled up to $331. Use your tier system.

MSFT reports tomorrow, it will be important as it made new lows on the year. How it responds will give some clues if this rally attempt can continue. For today, see how it deals with $243 pivot resistance.

GOOGL is in a troubled sector that made new lows on the year. Look at SNAP and META. It will be important to hear what it says Tuesday and how it responds. I'm staying away for now.

META reports Wednesday. It's made new lows on the year a few times in the past few months. On Friday, it came off the lows. I'm avoiding it but will see where it is Wednesday for an option play. We'll see if it can hold above $126 to keeps some pressure off.

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