5 Big Earnings Reports You need to Watch


SPX futures are +20 because there's some optimism around China's launch of a $44B real estate fund to help work through the Debt crunch. In Europe, the resumption of the Nord Stream gas flows is a small positive.

After a 10%ish move off the lows, some are asking if SPX 4000 was the high of this bear market bounce? SPX holding the 50 day of 3900ish will keep some active bulls optimistic that we can see 4073 or the 200 day above.

Now let's dig into this week's big earnings names:

GOOGL reports Tuesday and SNAP’s Numbers have many concerned here. It's lagged this past month. It usually leads. $101-$106.50 is key support. Tuesday's earnings reaction will be important.

MSFT lagged and underperformed this recent bounce with some erratic action. On Friday it hit $265ish and was sold. I wouldn't chase this up move but I'd watch it. Earnings are Tuesday.

META also got hit on SNAP's results. This stock has been in a bear trend for most of the year. The question is whether it will bounce like NFLX or get hit like SNAP. $154-$159 is a key support area. Earnings are Wednesday. It's up 80 cents this morning. See if it holds or fades. $168.41 is Friday's low.

AMZN had a nice weekly move to see a high of $125.50 Friday into some key resistance. Earnings aren't until Thursday. We'll see where it is then. Expectations have been brought down but it's 20% off the recent lows. See if early strength holds or fades. Friday's low is $121.35.

AAPL led this tape and expectations are high heading into earnings Thursday. On Friday, It hit $156+ before pulling back a little. See if early strength holds or fades today.

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