Derrick Oldensmith Talks Prop Trading on the “Trading Justice” Podcast


Hit the Play Button to Listen to Derrick Oldensmith's interview on the “Trading Justice” podcast.

Derrick discusses:

  • His unique role as a professional prop trader trader, teacher, and mentor
  • Why he started his own trading desk at T3
  • What makes prop trading different from retail trading
  • The major advantages of prop trading, like access to firm capital
  • Why leverage in prop trading is a double-edged sword
  • The simple math behind successful trading
  • Where people get into trouble in trading
  • Why getting bored as a trader can lead you down a bad road
  • The best way to expand your toolset without taking too much risk
  • Where successful traders go wrong
  • Why you should be a chart reader first and a tape reader second

And a whole lot more!

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