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How To Profit from Day Trading Using Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader or position trader, using multiple time frame analysis is the path to profitable speculation.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we flagged AYX long setup on the Hit & Run private Twitter feed.

It was showing superior relative strength: while the market was crashing on Wednesday, once the SPX carved out a Bear Trap Reversal after undercutting its December 2018 low (one good crash deserves another), AYX shrugged off the new low in the SPX and carved out an inverse Head & Shoulder on its hourlies.

Hit & Run subscribers took it long.

A 10 min AYX from Thursday shows it exploded from a micro Cup & Handle.

When it cleared the 95 strike, it exploded to the 100 strike, displaying Pin Action into today’s option expiration.

Today, AYX exploded to 105 as it cleared the 100 strike.

Putting patterns like this together with market dynamics such as monthly option expirations is a powerful strategy.

Subscribers had two separate long positions in AYX on Wednesday and Thursday.

They locked in 4 points plus on the first position.

They locked in 3.74 points on half the 2nd position and 6.32 points on the back half.

The market has played out according to our expectations the last two months, allowing us to capitalize on the 2-way volatility for straight-up profits.

Everybody has a Buy & Hold plan until they get punched in the face.

See what Hit & Run is all about.

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