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Sami Abusaad’s Greatest Hits Volume 2

Since Sami’s first Greatest Hits collection, he’s created even more videos that have helped thousands of traders.

See some of Sami’s best lessons in the posts you see below.

1. How I Made $36,947.28 in 8 Days

You probably know that Sami's Earnings Play is one of his most powerful trading weapons.

In this video, see how he used to clear nearly $37,000 in just 8 days of trading.

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2. How I Use Moving Averages in My Trading

Sami only ever uses moving averages – particularly the 20 and 200 day moving averages – and volume as indicators in his trading.In this lesson, he teaches you exactly how he sets up and analyzes moving averages and how they help him make a profit.

3. How to Use Volume in Your Trading

Volume is one of the most valuable keys to predicting price reversals. Knowing how to read the relationship between volume and price can give you extraordinary accuracy in predicting tops and bottoms in stocks.

4. How to Scan 1,600 Charts in 10 Minutes

One of the biggest questions that traders have is which system is best for tracking trades.

What size screen should your computer have, what is the most efficient way of scanning through charts, and what should you look for?

Sami goes over the system that he uses to quickly scan through hundreds of charts so that you can learn how to look for the most interesting plays, too.

5. How to Dodge a Bullet When a Breakout Fails

A breakout pattern is the most commonly recognized pattern in the world, but it's also the most susceptible to failure.

Breakout failures can lead to major losses.

But you don't have to get stuck in a failed breakout, and Sami will show you how.