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AMZN: From the Go-To List to the A-Squad


Every morning, I post my Go-To List in the Redler All-Access newsletter. It's a core list of 10-15 names I'm always watching for possible entries.

Here's an excerpt from Tuesday's Note:

AMZN had been lagging for months, but when it does move, it can be very rewarding.

Monday was the first day that AMZN showed some relative strength.

That turned it from just another name in the corner of my eye to a prime focus, and I bought call options.

Then on Tuesday, I said it needs to get and stay above $1746 to wake up — and it did wake up.

I bought some pre-market as a spec play, and then added when it triggered over $1746. It hit $1776, so I sold some using my Tier System (taught in Path to Profits)

A Tier System helps me net money on trades that work, and then gives me a framework for managing those positions.

I sold more after the open on Wednesday.

My target range has been $1785-$1790, so I finally closed the trade out late Wednesday morning after the stock hit $1786.24.

This is a great example of how combine a process, routine, tactics, and strategy to make a living.

Positions Disclosure: as of 10/16/2019 at 12:02 p.m., Scott J. Redler is long TWTR, AAPL, SNAP calls, AMRN calls, TWTR calls, BYND calls, AMZN calls, SPY