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Why You Don’t Need to Care About the Market


After netting $140,000 in three days last week, Sami Abusaad’s trades are on fire.

And now he’s letting you in on his actionable swing trade ideas for this week.

Sami’s using the Qs and the SPY to inform his forecast for the upcoming week. He expects a sloppy, choppy market this week, lacking much follow through. But, there’s a fantastic way around this: if you play stocks on their own page, you don’t really need to care about the market. Of course you’d like a stellar market environment so you can trade in the same direction. But, in reality, you don’t really need it. With that in mind, Sami gives you some swing trade ideas that he can’t wait to play despite the upcoming messy market.

Plus, Sami’s spotted a major pattern forming in one index’s monthly chart. This is where you’ll want to put your attention today.

Get these ideas, and plenty more, straight from Sami’s winning playbook.