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Why Precious Metals Exploded on Wednesday

And, where they're going next.


The miners were the story of the market on Wednesday, but the best might be yet to come.

Today, Jeff Cooper is covering their potential action in both the short and long term.

On June 24th, Jeff cautioned you against fading gold's heavy glow. Wednesday delivered on Jeff's prediction – which brought either great or terrible results, depending on your position. Jeff's subscribers were well-positioned on the long side in several miners, so they fared excellently.

Now Jeff takes a look at  AG, a silver miner, GDXJ, the junior gold mining ETF, and GLD. He's looking to answer two questions: Can GLD strike his initial 140 projection before the weekend and can GDXJ hit the 40 strike before the weekend?

He read the charts right on AG when he spotted his buy opportunity. That led him to suggest members take a big position this week. You'll want to see how that turned out – and learn how you get in on that kind of action.

Plus, Jeff sees one more actionable play ahead of the weekend. Get in on it now: