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7 Reasons to Join Sami Abusaad’s Earnings Engine This July


Ever wonder how some traders catch big earnings moves you never even saw coming?

Does it seem like they are operating at a higher level? 

Well, they are. But, you could, too.

Try Sami Abusaad's Earnings Engine course -- his master plan for predicting post-earnings moves like a pro. Catch the webinar replay, then scroll down to learn more about this one-of-a-kind education program. 

If you're not convinced yet... here's 7 reasons to think about it:

7) Sami Spent 7 Years Perfecting This Strategy So You Don't Have To

  •  That’s thousands of hours spent developing his Earnings Plays before trading them. Why did it take so long? He was fine-tuning an action plan for each possible scenario to ensure predictable results.

6) You’ll Be More Excited About Earnings Season Than You Could Possibly Imagine

  • Trading is hard work, but it can be incredibly exciting… if you’re making money. Armed with Sami’s strategies, you’ll be ready to attack earning season with the confidence of a winner.

5) You’ll Be Shocked At How Simple the Process Is (Especially the Trade Management)

  • If you take Earnings Engine, trading earnings will become as easy as following a few super easy steps. Sami has helped countless students become outstanding traders… and now it’s your turn.

4) Earning Season is Happening Right Now. So You Need the Edge NOW!

  • Earning Season presents a huge opportunity for traders to capitalize on giant gaps - but only if they have a plan. Luckily, Sami has taken care of that for you. You’ll learn how to trade in six different scenarios just in time to get in on the earning season action. It’s only going to get crazier next week, and you'll be ready for all the trades you can handle. . You can expect to generate 100-200 actionable ideas every earnings season - that’s 100-200 opportunities for you to take a profit using Sami’s strategies.

3) You’ll Learn Exactly How a Stock’s Place in Its Market Cycle

  • The perfect earnings trade does not happen in vacuum. You must understand where a stock is in its life cycle so you can be ready to strike at precisely the right moment.

2) You’ll Get The Chance to Ask Sami All of Your Questions

  • You'll learn Sami’s groundbreaking approach to predicting big post-earnings moves directly from the source… and you get to ask him whatever you’d like. This course is 100% interactive. 

1) You Can Use These Strategies All Year Long

  • It's true -- most companies do report during earnings season. But there are companies reporting earnings almost every trading day. So you can actually use these strategies year-round!

And you’re in on this unmissable opportunity for just $195!

Sign up below to start trading like a winner this earning season.